Specialty Adjusters specializes in tailored adjusting services for All Risk, Boiler & Machinery, General Liability, and Builders Risk insurance contracts with strong emphasis on:

  • Knowledge Of The Market
  • Knowledge Of The Equipment Used In Production
  • Repair Facilities With Proper Capabilities
  • The Latest Repair Techniques
  • How The Policy Of Insurance Can Help To Financially
  • Restore The Facility

We are one of the top US companies with the ability to handle complicated losses in a professional manner that is acceptable to underwriters, brokers, and assureds alike. Our technical property adjusters have a combined experience of over 50 years.

Types of Services


Refining, Chemical, Oil & Gas

Our Adjusters have and are currently handling losses on large refining, petrochemical, and oil & gas locations throughout the United States and South America. Some of the larger losses were in excess of $100,000,000. Our Adjusters have the knowledge and experience in the process and equipment utilized in this business to properly control and guide retained experts involved with the claim evaluation. Furthermore, our knowledge of financial market conditions and the respective loss situations impact to these resultant conditions allows us to properly evaluate business interruption and extra expense claims associated with a loss.

Builder’s Risk / Co-Generation

Specialty Adjusters has kept up with the growing power needs of the changing economy. This requires new construction or additions to existing facilities to meet the future demands for additional power or the economic restructuring of the competitive sales of power. Our knowledge of the installed equipment and a realistic understanding of the equipments output is needed to evaluate any loss potential, especially with a new power construction project.

Boiler & Machinery Losses

Specialty Adjusters has come to know and understand the latest technology for operational equipment including the newest repair techniques. Likewise, we are familiar with the policy language involved with these types of losses. Our Adjusters have backgrounds in boilers, pressure vessels, steam turbines and gas turbines, along with various types of rotating and reciprocating machinery. This allows us to provide technical knowledge to Underwriters with an understanding of a loss situation and how to mitigate the exposures to Underwriters by managing restoration of the equipment when possible.

Instrumentation & Plant Processes

Not every Property Adjuster can understand the mechanical workings of equipment used in today’s manufacturing processes. Our Principal Adjusters come from backgrounds with Hartford Steam Boiler. These types of backgrounds give us an understanding of equipment exposures including Business Interruption and other Indirect Coverage. The knowledge of this equipment allows us to provide assistance in obtaining replacement equipment/parts or variation of metallurgical materials used in repairs to restore production or operations in the most effective and quickest way possible.

Middle Market Property Claims

The professional staff at Specialty Adjusters is acknowledged in the insurance industry for a wide range of experience and expertise within the markets that we serve.

In addition to the adjustment of large industrial and heavy manufacturing losses, we can also provide our property adjusting services for the changing needs of the market concerning light and medium industrial facilities, retail and commercial risks, heavy equipment inspection and appraisal, and the inspection and evaluation of physical building damage.

Liability Claims

While Specialty Adjusters is known for adjusting large industrial and heavy manufacturing losses, it is likewise able to provide assistance in Casualty losses occurring at a production facility. There are many exposures that fall within this category. Specialty Adjusters has personnel experienced in the investigation and negotiations with other Adjusters or Attorneys in any given liability situation. We can provide coverage evaluation and discussion at the beginning stages of possible litigation.

Specialty Adjusters has now added to its staff of claim handling experts, a team of Casualty Claim Technicians with over 25 years of combined Casualty Claim handling experience. The experience of our staff includes handling complex coverage issues, loss control, and attendance at mediations and trials. These individuals have been involved in the on-site investigation and resolution of Large Losses in the Petrochemical Industry, which have occurred throughout the United States and Canada.

Reinsurance Audit & Evaluation Processes

To complement the liability claims division, Specialty Adjusters also has Reinsurance claim handling capabilities for both ongoing and run off accounts. Specialty Adjusters examiners can provide coverage and layer analysis of Reinsurance policies, as well as perform claim audits on both the property and casualty adjustment process. We have established a team of Reinsurance examiners with over 50 years experience associated with Reinsurance coverage, audits and complex Treaty and Facultative reinsurance issues.

Examiners have also been involved with Property and Casualty insurance program design, with programs ranging from traditional approaches to those with captive participation. Our personnel have worked closely with primary insurers and brokers throughout the United States and abroad.

Unique Claims Experience

Whether it be general, heavy manufacturing, power generation, uranium production, rocket boosters, or airline jet manufacturing, Specialty Adjusters has the knowledge and background to handle specialized losses; this way, an Insured can get back to its primary business – production and making a return for its investors.

Worldwide Capabilities

The need for United States adjusting companies to develop a network of experienced adjusters on a worldwide basis became apparent, as small losses could not be economically investigated on behalf of Underwriters. An agreement was reached with a number of worldwide colleagues to assist with such claims when they arise. Specialty Adjusters would be the single point of contact; coordinating and supervising all loss related matters. As always, all of our adjusters stand ready to respond to a loss anywhere in the world within hours, to provide emergency response in any given claim situation.

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